Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respiration

The Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package is designed for measurements of metabolic rate as reduction in Dissolved Oxygen of the respirometry chamber in aquatic animals, both vertebrates and invertebrates. Q-Box AQUA uses the principle of intermittent flow respirometry.

The animal is placed in a respirometry chamber and the decrease in dissolved O2 due to consumption by animal is used to measure metabolic rate. Values of oxygen consumption rate (VO2) are calculated, displayed and saved in software. Measurements are made sequentially without removing the animal from the chamber. The chamber is flushed with fresh water between measurements. These intermittent flow measurements overcome disadvantages of continuous closed respirometry in which dissolved O2 level in the chamber may decrease to a hypoxic level. All of the components are housed in a rugged weather proof case for easy transport and storage.

During an experiment water  is circulated through the animal chamber and the flow-through vessel with the optical DO probe via the liquid pump. A 3-way valve  controlled by Digital Control Unit (DCU) and the software determines if the system is in circulation or flushing mode.

During the circulation mode respiration measurements are made and during flush mode the animal chamber is bewing flushed with oxygenated water from the water bath.  The circulation-flush cycle is repeated until the experiment is terminated. The time of the flush and circulation phase are selected by the user in the software.

For aquatic respirometry measurements in small fish Qubit offers mini-AQUA, a modified version of the Q-Box AQUA with small aquatic respirometer chamber and components for smaller volume system. Contact Qubit Systems for details.

  • Optical DO Probe and Water Bath
  • Small Respirometry Chamber (140ml)
  • Large Respirometry Chamber (660ml)
  • Temperature & Salinity Probe for Water Bath
  • Liquid Pump (1 LPM) & 3-Way Valve
  • Digital Control Unit for 3-Way Valve Control
  • 6 Channel Data Interface
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • Rugged Weatherproof Case

Q-Box AQUA Software

Software: Raw Data Page

Software: Data Calculation Page

Dr. Tyson MacCormak, Biology Department, Mount Alison University, New Brunswick, Canada

“We have been using the Q-Box AQUA respirometry package for a year and have been impressed with the quality and versatility of the system. Although designed for teaching, we have found it to be more than adequate for basic research applications on both fish and cephalopods. The mechanical systems are well designed and easily serviced and the software is intuitive and flexible enough for use in diverse applications. The technicians at Qubit are outstanding; they were able to modify the system to suit our particular needs and they have always been quick to respond when technical support was required. The fact that Qubit ships the system in a protective case was also a big plus for field work!”Testimonial